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Wire And Cable Is Closely Related To People's Daily Life
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Wire and cable is closely related with people's daily life one of the items, but most consumers know little about the professional knowledge of wire and cable, but also the lack of relevant identification capabilities, coupled with the current market, wire and cable varieties mixed, uneven quality, So most consumers purchase wire and cable will feel when the heart is not the end, both want to buy quality and cheap products, but also afraid of digging high prices were black heart traders flick, buy inferior products. For everyone on the wire and cable misunderstanding, I simply need to pay attention to the purchase of wire and cable matters to be a simple statement, I hope to be able to help you, inadequate and wrong place also hope that we should be correct.

Wire and cable compared to air conditioning, television, cars, etc. belong to a more alternative products. To air-conditioning as an example, the current market, a large number of air-conditioning brand is nothing more than that, we buy the time through the experience of feedback around friends and relatives, it is easy to finalize what brand to buy. The wire and cable, select the brand awareness of the relatively front, under normal circumstances the strength of these enterprises can be, quality assurance, product qualification are relatively sound, such as the national mandatory CCC certification, wire and cable production license.

Also air conditioning as an example, the media overwhelming publicity will let you have a very clear understanding of the performance of air conditioning, such as frequency, mute and so on. If you decide to buy inverter air conditioner, as long as the country the United States, Suning, as well as the major supermarkets around the circle, the basic price of each brand has a well-thought-out. Wire and cable different, with a specification model, different manufacturers, different brands, the price gap is very large. We have done a market survey to PVC insulated wire (BV2.5 square), for example, the same brand-name products, wire copper wire diameter is also 1.78 mm, the length is 100 meters, insulation is 9400 yuan / Ton of PVC, the price (to the Yangtze River non-ferrous metal copper futures offer 60,000 yuan / ton basis) from 138 yuan to 246 yuan range. The country is currently on the wire and cable price control is also very imperfect, because we buy wire and cable when you must shop around, in the same quality products to choose the right price of the product.

Want to buy quality and cheap wire and cable, we first have to calculate the cost of wire and cable have a general understanding.

We commonly used wire and cable are cloth wire, also known as household cables. The wire structure is simple and the cost is easy to calculate. The wires consist of insulated (polyvinyl chloride) and conductors (copper or aluminum). Give you the introduction of conductor (copper) cost calculation: more wire and cable knowledge:

1, first calculate the weight of copper.

Copper weight = copper density (0.0089) * conductor (copper) volume. The volume of copper is the same as the volume of the cylinder. Bottom area * high (ie the length of the wire). Calculate the area of the copper wire to measure the diameter of the copper wire.

The diameter of the copper wire is 1.772, then the area = (1.772 divided by 2) the square * 3.14 = 2.46. Area 2..46 * High 100 * Copper% 0..0089 = 2.1894, which is the weight of this wire copper wire.

2, the weight of copper wire * copper wire price (55.7 yuan / kg) = 122 yuan. This is the price of copper.

3, the cost of PVC insulation calculation: the total weight of the wire - the weight of copper = the weight of insulation, and then multiplied by the price of PVC material (8 yuan / kg) = insulation price.

4, and then add 5% of the cost of production is the cost of this wire price.

Note: The calculation of aluminum wire is the same as above. The proportion of aluminum wire is 0.0027

Learned the cost of wire and cable calculation, for us to buy quality and cheap wire and cable laid a good foundation. The price is too low, the cable must be a problem, because which dealers will not do the loss of business, the price is too high is the dealer to see too much profit.