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Ways To Improve The Anti-short-circuit Ability Of Transformer
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Due to the important role of transformer in power system, it is necessary to conduct in-depth study on its quality and performance.In this paper, some specific technical methods are put forward to improve the anti-short circuit capability of transformer.

1. Mechanical force calculation and product structure design of modified transformer

The physical structure of transformer decides the performance of it, so we need through the calculation of transformer mechanical force and optimize the product structure design improvement, make its internal line more in line with the actual requirements of mechanical force distribution, improve the anti-short circuit ability.It can be used when the structure design of transformer installed in between the clamp and the clamp pressure sensing corrector windings of the transformer internal structure by the impact of the measure, and provide reliable guarantee for the structural design of transformer.

2. Short circuit test for transformer

Through the short-circuit test of transformer, the data parameters are analyzed, which lays a solid foundation for improving the transformer's product structure and improving the anti-short circuit capability.It is important to note that in the process of short circuit test is not only to producers guaranteed qualified product, what is more important to safe and reliable technology applied to practical production, to avoid some vendors only for testing and reinforce the transformer, not in the actual production technology popularization.


In a word, along with the advance of science and technology at present, the quality of electric power system run continuously improve and extra-high voltage power transmission and transformation of running large area, makes the transformer anti-short circuit ability and became the huge loss caused by short circuit transformer manufacturer and operation units facing and a very important problem to be solved.In order to be able to effectively improve the power system transformer anti-short circuit ability, in addition to manufacturers in the aspect of mechanical force calculation and the product structure design for comprehensive improvement, also should pay attention to process quality hidden trouble existing in the operation aspect, all these need has drawn great attention of transformer manufacturers and operating unit, which can guarantee the security and stability of power system operation.