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Transformer Fault Display
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Abnormal sound inside the transformer:

The abnormal sound inside the transformer may have the following reasons: severe overload causes a heavy "buzzing" sound inside the transformer;In the case of internal contact with bad or puncture points, the discharge sound of "creaking" or "crackling" inside the transformer;

The transformer core is not clamped tightly due to the loose of individual parts of the transformer top cover connecting shaft, which causes the vibration of the silicon steel sheet and makes a strong noise.

When there is a grounding or short circuit fault in the power grid, a large current will flow through the windings, which will emit a strong noise.

When a transformer is connected with a large power equipment or a device capable of generating harmonic current, the equipment operation may cause the transformer to emit a "wah";Due to the resonance of the iron core, the transformer has a sudden and coarse noise;The original side voltage of the transformer is too high and the current overcomes the metropolis.

Due to the overvoltage, winding or lead wire to the shell discharge, or the core grounding wire is disconnected, the core will discharge the shell, causing the transformer to discharge the sound.