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The Understanding Of Large Current Transformer
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Transformer is a kind of input and output isolation, and input and output can be used for 220V and 380V three-phase ac conversion for multi-purpose ac current power supply.

Easy to use, safe and reliable.This product is available to all instruments that need to be isolated from the grid and require ac voltage conversion.Early, electromagnetic wire winding, iron core transformer cores are used heart type, composed of electrical silicon steel sheet) composite product, iron column using multilevel circular cross section of the ladder, iron yoke with rectangular cross section, the upper and lower iron yoke on both sides of the use of channel steel as a clamp, through yoke clamp screw to achieve compression iron yoke, upper and lower clamp used to fasten the screw fasten fixed coil with in order to achieve.

Before use, the user must select the proper power supply conductor and the local power grid voltage and the transformer nameplate according to the transformer power, and the power cord shall be correctly connected to the input terminal.