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The Superiority Of Transformer Online Monitoring
- Nov 16, 2017 -

With the development of modern sensing technology, microelectronic technology and computer technology, the status monitoring of transformer iso-high voltage equipment has a solid foundation.Compared with traditional transformer, intelligent transformer has intelligent on-line monitoring function and is increasingly becoming an important equipment for smart power grid construction.

Transformer on-line monitoring based on microprocessor technology as the core, it set of sensors, data collection, communication system and data analysis functions in an organic whole, through the continuous monitoring for a period of state parameter, capture the transformer fault early warning, timely information, according to the tendency of the transformer parameters to determine transformer running state.Compared with traditional transformers, the intelligent online monitoring function has the following advantages:

Effectively prevent the occurrence and development of various transformer faults, and reduce the economic loss caused by the unexpected power failure.Real-time monitoring of the transformer in operation makes up for the shortage of conventional test and detection methods.Although according to capture the dynamic information of the transformer internal sudden failure prediction also has certain limitation, but it is still the current transformer maintenance plan is the most effective technical basis, has very important significance.

It has high reliability, maintenance and self-checking function.Once the monitor has its own problems, it can automatically send out the sound and light call alarm signal.Therefore, it eliminates the problem of misjudgment caused by abnormal detection device in routine detection method.

The economic benefits are considerable.The investment cost of transformer on-line monitoring system mainly includes two parts: sensor and intelligent monitoring software.According to the statistics of relevant departments at home and abroad, the cost of a complete transformer online monitoring system is usually about 1% of the transformer price.But being able to accurately find the transformer early failure, make its operation maintenance costs by 75%, saving the cost of the year by year is equivalent to 2% of the price of transformer, and can prolong the service life of 10 years or so, its economic benefit is considerable.