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The Relevant Recommendations Of Power Supply And Demand Situation
- Nov 23, 2017 -

1. To strengthen the overall planning of electric power to promote the healthy development of power industry.

The first is to comprehensively plan the development objectives, structure and layout of the power supply and power grid by comprehensive consideration of such factors as resource endowment, environmental space and power demand so as to realize the overall planning between the power supply and the power grid, between the power supply and the power supply, and between the central government and the local government. The second is to co-ordinate renewable energy development and consumer market, scientifically determine the size and layout of renewable energy projects, simultaneous planning and construction of peak power supply, delivery channel. Third, accelerate the construction of trans-regional power transmission projects such as Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai, approve follow-up projects as soon as possible, launch a batch of preparatory work for the project as soon as possible, and send power to the terminal as soon as possible so as to match the delivery progress with the construction progress of trans-regional power transmission projects.

2. Strict control of coal-fired power installed capacity to promote the orderly development of coal.

First, improve the risk early warning mechanism for coal-fired power construction, regular release provincial coal-fired construction risk warning tips to guide investment and construction expectations. Second, in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key air pollution prevention and control areas, no longer plans to add new coal power planning and construction scale, excess power areas to cancel a number of coal-fired power plants do not have the approval conditions, a number of mitigation Include unplanned coal-fired power projects in the planning area, ease a number of coal-fired power projects that have not been approved, and explicitly cancel, mitigate and postpone specific lists of coal-fired power projects as soon as possible. Third, intensify efforts to eliminate outdated units, refine plans for eliminating backward production capacity, and strengthen supervision and management.

3. Combination of administrative and market means to promote renewable energy consumption.

First, optimize the grid operation mode, give full play to the advantages of the power grid, and build a nationwide renewable energy consumption platform that balances power and power, sharpens resources and complements various types of resources, expands the scope of renewable energy consumption and improves renewable Energy consumption ratio. The second is to speed up the pumped storage and gas-fired power plants and other flexible regulation unit construction, increase energy storage facilities in new energy station construction, improve system peak regulation capacity. Third, improve the market-oriented mechanism, study and formulate a flexible power grid and load-side peak-valley electricity price mechanism to guide power generation companies and power users at peak power generation; speed up the establishment of ancillary services market and improve the enthusiasm of conventional thermal power units to participate in peak regulation. Fourth, to further improve the new energy consumption and cooperation system, abandoned areas can be serious to further strengthen the power of local government communication and coordination.

4. Internal potential and market development simultaneously, to achieve power companies improve efficiency.

First, speed up structural reforms, eliminate backward production capacity, manage integrated loss-making enterprises, strengthen cost control and control, and orderly transfer non-core business assets and scientifically arrange the construction sequence and layout of various projects. Second, it is necessary to actively promote the deepening of power reform, adapt to the new situation, optimize the main business, prevent risks and enhance the operating efficiency of enterprises. Third, we will vigorously promote the substitution of electric power, tap the potential for electricity growth, promote the enhancement of electrification levels in various fields and social energy conservation and emission reduction. Fourth, strengthen cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, open up the international market and expand profit growth.