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The Reinforced Fish Plate Of Henan Great Railway Machinery Co., LTD. Was Approved By The China Railway Research Institute And Obtained The Patent
- Oct 12, 2017 -

In recent years, the company also adheres to the principle of market orientation, ability matching, innovation and development, and the principle of local conditions, so that the company's products can be serialized, refined and branded. At the same time, according to market situation and customer feedback, continuous improvement innovation, formed a unique series of products. Its products are widely used in railway, Bridges, mines, construction and other transit and intercity rail transit lines construction, especially in the national key project, the construction of Qinghai Tibet railway, the company production of rail fittings fishplate successfully solved the plateau permafrost, bad environment conditions, such as day and night temperature difference is bigger, use to ensure the quality of the major issue. 

 "According to the original standard, the fishtail plate is not able to adapt to the larger climate of the Qinghai Tibet plateau and is prone to fracture." Therefore, Henan great orbit machinery co., LTD., in conjunction with the China academy of railway sciences and Anshan iron and steel, after a lot of research and for the adjustment of the material, finally produce conform to use in the conditions of rail connection reinforced fishplate. At the same time, Henan great orbital co., LTD., as one of the standard drafting units, participated in and reformulated railway standards.