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The Promotion And Prospect Of Energy-saving Dry Transformer
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Power transformer is the key electrical equipment for power transmission, and all transformers in our country account for more than 3% of China's electricity generation.Therefore, the energy conservation and emission reduction, transformer losses account for 30%~40% of the loss of the power grid, and the state has been working on the energy saving and consumption of the transformer.

At present, many provinces and cities in the country have begun to check and supervise the key use of enterprises to replace transformers.

And corresponding elimination equipment for investigation and confiscation.But the current energy saving distribution transformer price isn't cheap, especially for crystal alloy transformer, promote energy-saving power transformer, is a good news, the enterprises in the process of transformer replace will invest a lot of initial capital, has been carried out in the whole province, guangdong province, special inspection of small and medium-sized distribution transformer, although in use process caused by reducing the energy consumption and cost, but capital payback period is too long, cause a lot of users are reluctant to use.

Ministry of finance, national development and reform commission issued the "energy-saving products huimin engineering implementing rules for the high efficiency and energy saving with" transformer promotion, marking the country has been included in the scope of financial subsidies to promote energy saving dry-type transformer, promotion products for three-phase 10 kv "pressure level, non-field excitation changer, energy efficiency grade level 2 and above, the rated capacity of 30 kva ~ 1600 kva oil-immersed and rated capacity of 30 kva ~ 2500 kva ShenGan transformer.The products with energy conservation certification will be able to enjoy the national policy of encouraging energy conservation and enter the government procurement catalogue.With industry, he says, is currently in the network running part of high energy consumption distribution transformer is not in line with the industry development trend, facing the technology upgrade, the demand of upgrading, the transformer can be combined with other indicators is energy-saving product certification bodies assess as energy-saving products, the future will gradually be energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, low noise transformers.

In addition, due to the energy distribution of oil-immersed transformer using time is short, there are some controversial and let users can't completely accept the problems, such as amorphous alloy distribution transformer operation performance after the poor poor stability, short circuit resistance, noise and loss increase, etc.

Testing standards and detection techniques lag behind product development, and lack of product performance evaluation, rating system and means to reflect different design levels and manufacturing processes.

From strip annealing process and structure design, performance, core core product testing, performance, efficiency and energy consumption evaluation aspects such as comprehensive, eliminate the user's concern, to this, the expert suggests to carry out the deepening study of energy saving distribution transformer operation, especially for distribution transformer based on domestic made of amorphous alloy strip deepening research, focus on running after amorphous transformer noise and loss increase, etc.