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The Global Transformer Monitoring System Is Developing Rapidly
- Nov 16, 2017 -

According to the global market research report of the global transformer monitoring system released by Technavio, the annual composite increase rate of the global transformer monitoring system market is up to 36% in 2016-2020.In the asia-pacific region, rapid economic growth and rapid population growth are bound to drive market demand for transformers to enhance distribution.These large transformer networks require constant monitoring to prevent failure in the transmission and distribution process leading to blackouts.Therefore, in the next five years, the potential of transformer monitoring market in the asia-pacific region is huge.

Not only that, the industrial, commercial and residential users demand continues to increase, thus stimulating electric power enterprises to speed up the network reconstruction, and installation of distribution transformers become a top priority, because it can not only expand the distribution range, also can carry on the upgrading of upgrade to the ageing of the transformer, so as to further promote the growth of the market demand for monitoring.

From then on, stable and affordable electricity supply is the key to economic growth in both developed and developing countries in the coming years.As the key high-cost equipment in the transmission and distribution system, the transformer will play an important role in it.Therefore, the operation of the transformer will require continuous real-time monitoring to ensure reliable and reliable power transmission.