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The Global Market For Power Distribution Transformers Is Worth More Than $12.8 Billion
- Nov 21, 2017 -

According to the world's second largest market research firm Marketsand Markets newly released this month, according to a report this year, the global distribution transformer market demand of about $12.81 billion, with the increasing of electric power demand, is expected to 2021, this figure will increase to $17.61 billion, during a compound annual rate of about 6.57%.

From heat insulation, immersion transformer in 2016 will be the greatest demand of distribution transformer, with its high efficiency, low noise, long life and other characteristics are widely used in electric power, industrial, commercial, and other fields.

At the same time, this type of transformer is manufactured according to the most stringent industrial standard and international standard, which can be applied to indoor and outdoor environment.

From the point of installation type, the box type transformer is expected to be the biggest distribution transformer in demand, and the continuous development of renewable energy will greatly promote the growth of box transformer demand.

From the region, the asia-pacific region will become the largest regional market distribution transformer, this is mainly due to the transmission and distribution infrastructure in the region, industry, investment increase and distribution equipment to replace aging, etc.India's electricity demand will double by 2025, according to the Electric Power Research Institute.In 2015, India's GDP grew even faster than China's in the fourth quarter.