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The Development Trend Of Transformer On-line Monitoring
- Nov 16, 2017 -

The application of the current transformer on-line monitoring technology, although there are electromagnetic interference resistance ability is not strong, short service life and high price of partial defects, but by the conventional detection methods due to its incomparable superiority, all problems will be solved in the developing.

From the policy level, due to the demand of the construction of the smart grid, and the scientific research institutes, on-line monitoring company research and development strength increasing, the application of online monitoring technology is steadily push forward, not only make transformer maintenance procedures, management method to subsequently change, and will lead to the specification of the establishment of the state overhaul management system, and finally unified technical standards.

From the economic level, with the domestic online monitoring equipment production and software development company research and development efforts and strengthen the competition of similar products abroad, and the influence of factors such as power demand, not only the price of its software and hardware products will have fallen sharply, and the price also will rise sharply.

Technically, the hardware will be more intelligent and will be more maintainable.The adoption of intelligent sensor has effectively inhibited the electromagnetic interference.With the wide adoption of new materials, the life of the equipment such as gas permeable membrane for chromatographic analysis will also be extended.Will and offline fault analysis software system test, the equipment status, operation data information such as the organic integration, integration of online diagnosis, different system of on-line monitoring data will be Shared through the network.

With the rapid construction of the grid company, the upgrading of the technology level of smart transformer will be of great impetus to the construction of smart grid.And the transformer on-line monitoring function and real-time feedback interactive function will be the traditional transformer with intelligent development wings.