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The Development Trend Of Distribution Transformers
- Nov 06, 2017 -

The development trend of distribution transformers should be:

1. Low loss, especially low no-load loss; highlight the effect of energy saving.

2. Low noise, especially low no-load noise; meet environmental requirements.

3. All sealed, so that the transformer oil is not in contact with the outside air to meet the maintenance-free requirements;

4. Protection device into the tank, miniaturization; reduce the size of distribution transformers, easy to install on site.

5. To meet the ring network power requirements, low-voltage side can be multiple output;

6. No exposed live parts, the use of safety.

7. Small size, light weight; reliable operation, easy maintenance.

8. There is superior fire, earthquake disaster prevention performance, improve the product's scope of application.

9. Have a strong overload capacity to meet the emergency needs of other equipment failure state.

10. Further reduce production costs and sales prices, for more users to accept.

Based on the above analysis, the use of modular distribution transformer amorphous core is the ideal direction of development, in addition, the current domestic demand for products is energy-saving S9 and S11 distribution transformers. For fire safety requirements of the place, the epoxy resin can be used around the injection of dry distribution transformers.