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State Grid Is Actively Advocating Power Substitution
- Mar 13, 2018 -

"Increasingly severe haze weather, forcing China's energy consumption structure must be adjusted." "Yangqing, deputy general manager of the State Grid company, November 8 at the" 2013 China Green Energy Summit Forum "revealed that the state Grid company is pushing forward the" electric energy substitution "technology, advocating the new energy consumption concept of" substituting coal for electricity, substituting electricity for oil and electricity from afar ", and actively promoting the development of electric vehicles and rail transportation, Increase the level of social electrification, and strive to achieve by 2015 the cumulative replacement of electricity 100 Billion-kilowatt.

--Power transformers


Fog and haze wreak havoc on energy consumption structure adjustment--(transformer) A number of cities in China have been foggy for more than 100 days, with individual cities exceeding 200 days, according to a Ministry of Environmental statistics. Analysis of the causes of haze, attended the "2013 China Green Energy Summit Forum," Experts believe that this is the end of energy consumption structural contradictions accumulated long-term accumulation of a concentrated outbreak.


Jiang Xinmin, deputy director of Energy Economics and Strategic Development Research Center of China National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute, pointed out that from the international comparison, our country currently has a large proportion of coal in terminal energy consumption, which directly leads to the increasingly serious environmental pollution in our country. "Some data show that in China's urban PM2 5 composition, coal emissions accounted for 50%-60%, as well as motor vehicle fuel emissions, accounting for about 20%." Xu Ayuan, deputy director of the National Grid Marketing department, pointed out in his keynote speech that with the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization in China, the demand for energy will continue to increase, so it is necessary to reduce the proportion of coal and oil in the terminal consumption and increase the proportion of electricity consumption vigorously.

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According to the introduction, coal and oil and other fossil energy consumption caused by greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution more and more attention to the world, in recent years, fossil energy in the global terminal energy consumption structure of the proportion of the continued decline in the proportion of electricity increased significantly. "In China, the proportion of coal in the end energy consumption has been high, the reverse distribution of energy resources and productivity will coexist for a long time." Our energy consumption model is to transport the western coal long distances to the Middle East load center, partly for thermal power generation, and partly for direct combustion in the city for heating and industrial production. "Xu Ayuan said" This not only increases the pressure of railway and highway transportation, causes the contradiction of coal electricity movement to be outstanding, increases the social energy use cost, and because of the dispersed combustion, the high emission cost, the large amount of greenhouse gases and pollutants are discharged in densely populated areas in the Middle East, which worsens the local environment



It is understood that China is deepening the industrialization, urbanization construction, in the future for a long period of time, energy demand will remain rigid growth, energy resources consumption will continue to increase. At the same time, the energy consumption of our unit GDP is much higher than that of developed countries. The Chinese government has made a commitment to the international community: to increase the proportion of non fossil energy to 15% in 2020, the unit G D P energy consumption decreased by 40% to 45%. The task of reducing emissions is daunting. Xu Ayuan said, "In the future, China will enter the stage of compulsory emission reduction, considering the environmental affordability and rigid growth of demand, the traditional energy allocation mode and the local balanced consumption pattern must be changed." ”

State Grid company to start energy substitution-oil-immersed power transformers


How to change China's energy allocation mode and the local balanced consumption pattern? The answer given by the State Grid company is "power substitution". "China's energy consumption for the end of the share of the total increase of 1% per cent, Unit g D P energy consumption can be reduced by 4%." Yangqing, deputy general manager of the State Grid company, said in a speech to the forum that "the State Grid company is actively advocating ' by electricity generation coal, substituting electricity for oil, Electricity from afar, "the new concept of energy consumption, through the promotion of energy substitution technology, and actively promote the development of electric vehicles and rail transit, improve the level of social electrification, to guide the community to actively select electricity, the elimination of high pollution, inefficient energy-efficient way."



It is understood that in the middle of August this year quietly issued the "National power grid company electric power substitution implementation Plan" clearly proposed, in the company operating areas to start electric energy replacement work, and strive to 2015 cumulative implementation of the replacement of electricity 100 Billion-kilowatt. Xu Ayuan explained that the "Power substitution" scheme of the National Grid is generally three words: first, "to electricity generation of coal", mainly to industrial boilers, residents heating kitchen cooking, such as using coal to electricity consumption, reduce the east-central area of direct coal and pollution emissions, the second is "electric generation of oil", mainly the development of electric vehicles, rural power irrigation, reduce oil dependence; third, "electricity from afar" is to the western, north of the thermal power, wind power, solar energy and southwest hydropower large-scale, long-distance, high efficiency transport to the East Central, improve energy consumption in the end of the proportion of power, promote energy structure optimization, improve the ecological environment. --State Grid transformer Supplier

"The process of human historical development is also a process of energy substitution, from coal instead of fuelwood, to oil and natural gas instead of coal, and is now gradually entering a new phase of replacing traditional fossil fuels with new and renewable sources of energy." "Xu Ayuan said," whether from the development trend, the reality request, or from the technical condition analysis, the electric energy substitution is the terminal energy substitution important tendency, takes the electrification enhancement and the electric energy substitution as the main direction advancement Terminal Energy substitution conforms to our country basic national conditions.



Xu Ayuan that, first of all, the implementation of energy substitution is an important measure to protect the national energy security, is the inevitable choice to ensure reliable supply of energy security in China. Secondly, the implementation of electric energy substitution is an effective measure to control the city haze.


Energy as two times energy, in the end of the application link does not produce pollution emissions, although the thermal power generation in the production process still need to burn coal, emission of pollutants, but through a variety of technical measures to focus on large-scale treatment, pollutant emission intensity and cost of treatment are significantly lower than the traditional decentralized combustion mode. Thirdly, the comparative advantage of Electric energy is the foundation of supporting electric energy substitution. With the relation of energy price ratio becoming more and more reasonable, the price of oil and natural gas will increase continuously, the competitiveness of electric energy in the terminal energy consuming market will be further enhanced, and the energy substitution project will have more remarkable economic benefit.

Construction of safe and efficient clean modern energy system--dry-type transformer "The Economic reference newspaper" in the interview that the State Grid company Electric energy replacement work will be mainly in three areas to promote. First, in the urban central heating, business and other key areas to vigorously implement large-scale heat pump, electric heating, electric boilers, double storage, such as coal (gas) project. Second, actively promote and service the development of electric vehicles and rail transit in the field of transportation. Closely follow the development trend of electric vehicle industry and market, speed up the construction and operation of electric power exchange facilities.


Third, actively promote "family electrification" in the area of residents ' life. As the basic carrier of power transmission, resource allocation, market transaction and customer service, power grid plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring energy security, high efficiency and clean development. "Yangqing said that the national grid" to the electricity generation of coal, to electricity generation oil, electricity from afar "energy substitution strategy for the construction of safe, efficient, clean development as the goal of the modern energy security system, to promote the construction of ecological civilization is of great significance.