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​Safety Precautions Of Dc High Voltage Generator
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Safety precautions of dc high voltage generator:

The staff of the dc high voltage tester must be a professional with "high voltage test certificate".

1. The use of this instrument, please the user must according to article 168 of the electric safety, and work in the power supply into the tester before breaking point, add two obvious when replace try and wiring should first will disconnect point for all power two obvious disconnect.

2. Please check whether the grounding line of the tester control box, the double cylinder and the sample is connected.The ground wire of the test circuit shall be grounded in a point as shown in this manual.

3. The sample (s) for large capacitance discharge should be through 100 Ω/V discharge resistor rod sample (s) of discharge.When discharging, the electric rod should not be immediately in contact with the test products. The electric rod should be gradually close to the test, and the free discharge will be hissed in the air clearance at a certain distance.When there is no sound, it can discharge the electric rod and then discharge it directly.

4. Dc high voltage during 200 kv and above, although the staff wear insulated shoes and at a safe distance from the outside, but because of the influence of the high voltage direct current ion space electric field distribution, makes several adjacent stand with different dc potential on the body.Test personnel don't shake hands with each other or contact with the hand position, etc., otherwise there will be a slight shock phenomenon, this phenomenon in dry regions and winter is more obvious, but due to the smaller energy generally do not cause harm to people.

5. The grounding line must be suspended to the high voltage output terminal to remove the high voltage lead.

6. There must be a reliable grounding in the use of the cables, and the cables are not to be held in the hand, just in case.