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Resilience, Flexibility
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Enameled wire on the chemical properties of the requirements, enameled wire wound into the coil, the general through the impregnation process, impregnated paint in the paint on the film have varying degrees of swelling, especially at higher temperatures; impregnated after the use of the winding In the process, due to the role of hot paint film may produce thermal cracking, so impregnated paint and enameled wire film compatibility is good for the motor, electrical appliances, instrument life is very influential. In use process. The windings may come into contact with the surrounding media, such as in contact with refrigerant in a refrigeration unit, in contact with various chemical gases in the chemical plant, which have different degrees of corrosion to the film.

Enameled wire also need to redouble their efforts, enameled wire is the electrical, electrical and household appliances and other products of the main raw materials, especially in recent years, the power industry to achieve sustained and rapid growth, the rapid development of household appliances to enameled wire applications bring a broader field, Followed by the enameled wire made a higher demand. Therefore, the product structure of the enameled wire is unavoidable, and the raw materials (copper and paint), the enamel process, the process equipment and the detection means are also needed to be researched. Therefore, we should redouble our efforts to change the status quo, so that China's enameled wire technology to keep up with the market demand, and among the international market.

Enameled wire laying line is essential, the key to the line is to control the tension, tension not only pull the thin conductor, so that the wire surface loss of light, but also affect the performance of enameled wire. From the appearance point of view, was thin wire, painted out of the enameled wire luster is poor; from the performance point of view, enameled wire elongation, resilience, flexibility, thermal shock are affected. The thread tension is too small, the line is easy to beat and cause the line, the line hit the mouth. When the line is most afraid of half-ring tension, half-ring tension is small, so that not only make the wire loose, cut off, for a period of being thin, but also cause the furnace inside the big beating, resulting in line, line fault. Pay off the tension to be uniform and appropriate.

Copper clad aluminum copper economy is affordable, copper clad aluminum cable refers to the aluminum wire instead of copper as the main cable, a certain proportion of copper outside the copper wire and cable. AC resistance is the main basis of the current carrying capacity, according to the principle of skin effect, the surface of a single wire, the unit area through the current than the center line of the conductor through the current to large, that is, the large cross- In the same conductor into the circular area, the center of the circle than the current through the small, so the center conductor and the surrounding conductor with a different metal composition is the most reasonable and most economical.