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Reduce Wire Surface Corona
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Bare wires and bare conductor products are cable products that have only conductors and no insulation. Mainly used for overhead transmission and distribution lines and electrical equipment in the conductive components, the use of air as a general insulation.

According to the structure and use of different divided into bare single, bare wire, soft wiring and weaving lines, profiles and profiles of four series.

(Copper, aluminum and its alloy), flat wire, with a metal coating (tin, silver, nickel) single and double metal (aluminum), single-wire, Baotou Steel, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum) and so on.

Twisted wire: ie overhead wire. Generally regardless of the voltage level of the wire. However, the wire for the 330 to 500 kV transmission lines has special requirements on the size of the wire and the finish of the surface to reduce the corona of the wire surface (the local air is free from the electric field and increases the line loss). Overhead wires focus on generating power to lose, change, and distribute parts.

Twisted strand from the structure can be divided into three kinds: a single metal material from the single-wire twisted, such as aluminum wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, etc .; to strand for the core to increase bearing Strength, outside the top of a layer or layers of aluminum or aluminum alloy wire core ACSR; double metal single stranded stranded stranded wire, such as aluminum package strand.

Steel core aluminum wire The same specifications can have several derived specifications, that is, the same aluminum conductor cross-section, with 2 to 5 cross-section of the steel core, such as 400 / 20,400 / 35,400 / 50,400 / 65,400 / 95; where 400 is the sum of the cross section of the aluminum wire and the cross section under the oblique line.

Soft wiring and braided wire: This kind of product is made of fine copper single wire twisted, twisted together; battery parallel line is generally made flat (commonly known as braid line).

Profile and profile: The cross-sectional shape of the product is different, not circular called the line; rather than the use of a larger length of the product called profiles.

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