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Reduce The Security Risks, Improve The Quality Of The Project
- Sep 04, 2017 -

1, standardized design

(1) the application of general design, general equipment. The full realization of the type of equipment, circuit wiring, civil engineering design standardization, the formation of the depth of the general design drawings.

(2) connection means. The connection between the primary equipment and the secondary equipment of the substation adopts the standardized connection method, and the standardized connection between the secondary equipment and the secondary equipment of the substation is adopted. The secondary cable uses a plug-and-play connection.

(3) support the "big run, overhaul." To achieve unified data collection, comprehensive analysis, intelligent alarm, on-demand transmission and other functions.

2, factory processing

(1) buildings, structures and other substations within the main components, the use of factory prefabricated structure type.

(2) relay protection equipment, information and communication equipment and electrical monitoring equipment and other secondary equipment are in accordance with the "prefabricated cabin combination of secondary equipment," the use of prefabricated cabin wiring, and for a single equipment inspection and debugging work are in the factory Carried out and completed.

(3) once, the second device integration to achieve the maximum scale of production within the factory, integrated debugging.

3, assembly construction

(1) to build structures using assembly structure, to reduce the scene "wet operation" to achieve environmental protection construction, improve construction efficiency.

(2) the use of general equipment based, unified base size; the use of standardized stereotypes steel casting concrete, improve the level of technology.

(3) to achieve the construction site mechanization, reduce labor, reduce safety risks, improve project quality.

Third, the prefabricated assembly substation assembly range and type

Prefabricated substation built in the building components used in the factory prefabricated, secondary equipment using prefabricated cabin combination of secondary equipment, the application of general design, general equipment, to achieve a secondary equipment, plug and play; soil construction and electrical equipment , The secondary equipment to achieve full prefabricated factory site assembly.