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Paper Covered Wire Must Meet A Variety Of Uses And Manufacturing Process Requirements
- Nov 14, 2017 -

Envelope line must be met In the actual production process, the operator can not rely solely on the laser diameter measuring instrument to ensure the size and quality of the product. As the laser diameter measuring instrument is a high-precision measuring instrument, in use, a variety of use and manufacturing process requirements: the paper covered by the conductor and the insulating layer composed of two bare wire after annealing softening, the former including its shape, Specifications, short-term and long-term work at high temperatures, and then after repeated painting, baking. Various types of enameled wire are made of raw materials of quality and withstand strong vibrations and centrifugal forces at high speeds in some applications, corona and withstand at high voltages, chemical resistance in special atmospheres, etc. The latter includes winding System and embedding are subject to tensile, bending and wear requirements, as well as immersion and drying process swelling, process parameters, production equipment, environmental and other factors, can be measured by laser scanning. Do not touch the laser line, by induction you can get accurate data. Convenient and fast, real-time monitoring of production, full monitoring. Different quality characteristics, but with mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties of the four properties.

Paper envelopes are usually divided into paper envelopes, new materials, paper envelopes, enameled enameled wire and enameled wire are the main and key raw materials for electromechanical windings of electric machines, electrical appliances and household appliances, telecommunications and electronic meters. With industrial appliances, household appliances The rapid development of telecommunications, electronic products, etc., inorganic insulated wire. The earliest enameled wire is an oily enamelled wire, which brings a wider application field and market to the enameled wire. China has become the world's enameled wire manufacturing center and processing base, is the world's largest producer and sales of enameled wire. The film wear resistance is poor, can not be directly used in the manufacture of motor windings and windings, the use of cotton yarn wrap around the need to add layer. Production of enameled wire is high-speed operation, with any contact measurement tools are no way to measure accurate data, and when the size of the paper envelopes easily lead to breakage. Online laser measuring instrument, later polyvinyl formal enameled wire come out, its mechanical properties greatly improved, can be directly used for motor windings, and called high-strength paper covered wire. Envelope in the wrapping wire still occupy a considerable position, mainly used in oil-immersed transformers. The oil-paper insulation formed at this time has excellent dielectric properties and low price. The laser probe is easy to adhere to dust and impurities, which leads to measurement deviation. Therefore, it is very important to regularly maintain and calibrate the laser diameter measuring instrument.