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Low-loss Power Transformers
- May 26, 2018 -

Description of  low-loss power transformers:

S9, S10 and 35KV class low-loss power transformers are three-phase oil-immersed r-type and step-type coil core power distribution transformers.Ladder type three - column inner and outer frame rolled structure, all in the outermost point welding without binding.Dq133-30 (type 9), 30ZH120 (type 11), 23ZH90 (type 13) and other cold-rolled silicon steel pieces are selected for iron core materials. The iron core materials used in actual production are not lower than the requirements of the design.The core is continuously rolled without seam.R type core sheet width ensures that the core section is circular, and the ladder type core is made of multi-level sheet width.Vacuum annealing is carried out after iron core coiling forming to eliminate stress and reduce loss.

The integrated, S10, 35 kv level low loss power transformer with fully sealed corrugated tank structure, transformer oil and the surrounding air do not contact, so the transformer oil will not absorb moisture, thus will not reduce the dielectric strength;In addition, oxygen cannot enter the fuel tank, so as to avoid the aging of insulation materials, improve the service life of this product, and also improve social benefits.