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Installation Of Fish Plate
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Preparation before installation:

Power supply of electrical apparatus and circuits should be cut off and temporary ground discharge of relevant components.

The installation steps of the road clamp plate:

1. Install the first two bolts on each connector, i.e. one for each rail head.

2. When installing the bolts, the gasket should be mounted first, and the opening will be lower.

3. The fish plate and rail contact part and the bolt shall be coated.

It turns out that the plate is also called fishplate, and the function of the road splint is important. Today, China's transportation industry is also a variety of diversification, but rail transportation as the main mode of transportation in the mainland so qualified for plywood of inspection and quality problem cannot be careless, how we are in the process of understanding the splint track-laying after installation, also pay attention to the plywood of different specifications and types.