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How To Reduce The Loss Of Transformer Lead?
- Sep 12, 2017 -


Engineers, the transformer in the process of running, regardless of quality, will have a certain loss, and one of which is the lead loss, because when the transformer high-voltage low-voltage lead in the current through the time, will produce resistance loss, and In fact, the lead loss should belong to the basic loss, but in the loss of the transformer is called the additional loss.

We have a larger lead current transformer, we must consider the wire leakage leakage on the transformer additional loss of the degree of impact. This is to consider the transformer in the working current, the wire leakage field is with the transformer winding leakage field exists together, and the wire leakage field will be near the transformer winding in the additional loss of eddy current loss, The shape of the lead, the arrangement between each other, and the structure and so on are inextricably linked.

It is understood that in the general use of dry-type transformers, the relative length of the lead will be relatively short, and the current in the lead is not too much when the wire leakage flux in its structure and the wire itself generated additional eddy current loss, also Therefore, this situation is not a big problem, it can also be ignored, but if the current is too large, then the lead will be more narrow aluminum row of the transformer wall of the layout of the wall, so do the same Distance conditions, than the parallel to the wall when the layout of the loss will be much smaller.