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Distribution Transformer Loss Indicators Continue To Decline
- Nov 07, 2017 -

In order to consolidate the production experience of low-loss distribution transformers and promote the development of low-loss distribution transformers, the state stipulates to phase out the high-loss S7 series distribution transformers starting from the second half of 1998 and promote the development of the new S9 low-loss distribution transformers. In order to further save energy, the State Economic and Trade Commission has recently promoted the development of a power transformer (SC11) with a coil core (circular core cross section). The official from the State Economic and Trade Commission pointed out: "During the" Tenth Five-Year Plan ", the promotion of high-efficiency transformers One of the important measures to carry out energy-saving work.In the "Tenth Five-Year" period, China's energy-saving work will focus on improving energy efficiency.Energy is one of the most important and most expensive form of energy, saving electricity is an important part of energy-saving work ".

Transformers are widely used electrical equipment in various sectors of the national economy. Due to their large usage and long operating hours, there is a huge potential for energy saving. Promote efficient transformers to carry out energy-saving work is one of the important measures. China will study and introduce preferential policies to encourage the replacement and renovation of old and high energy-consuming transformers, formulate and promote energy efficiency standards and labeling of transformers, eliminate the production and sales of low-efficiency transformers, and encourage the promotion of efficient transformers. Amorphous alloy material for the rectangular cross-section core. In fact, amorphous iron core distribution transformers have the lowest loss. The use of double concentric winding structure of amorphous iron core distribution transformer not only low loss, low cost, energy saving potential, short circuit withstand capacity is also high.