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Distribution Transformer Application Of The Conclusion
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Distribution transformers should pay attention to the use of several issues:

1. In the choice of distribution transformers, in addition to fully consider its performance, the choice of capacity to be appropriate, we must give full consideration to the size of the load, to ensure load utilization; capacity selection is too large, in addition to the purchase price is high, one-time investment in large In operation, the inherent no-load loss is also large. The capacity selection is too small, in addition to not meet the requirements of electricity, the load loss is often high.

2. Reasonable to determine the number of units used, which generally from two aspects of safety and economy considerations; a large amount of load or although the two load but from the security point of view to be set up in the load fluctuations and the long time interval, You can consider choosing one big and one small multi-unit combinations; when the reliability of power supply is high, you should consider the spare transformer, of course, there are other aspects of the venue and other factors. When the power and lighting share a transformer, seriously affecting the lamp life or lighting quality, should set up special lighting transformers.

3.The economic operation of the transformer, which is a more systematic issue of the system, the transformer load in the run-time loss is equal to the load loss, the highest efficiency of the transformer, which is difficult to achieve in practice; to consider the economic operation of the transformer Curve and the best economic performance curve, the general transformer load efficiency at 45% -75% higher, more economical in all aspects; but different capacity and type of transformer is not the same, need to be discriminated against, you can refer to Professor Hu Jingsheng "Transformer economic operation" to make calculations and judgments.

4.Pay attention to the distribution transformer reactive power compensation; Neither overcompensation nor under-compensated, the general requirements of the actual distribution transformer power factor to reach more than 90%, the capacitor input to consider its own losses. Through reasonable compensation, enterprises can obtain considerable energy-saving benefits, which should arouse people's attention. First, the power factor can be increased through compensation. Second, the third is to reduce the line loss and increase the operating voltage. Group compensation, concentrated compensation, compensation on the spot.

5. Select and use the transformer to pay attention to the secondary output voltage, to take full account of the system voltage conditions, select the appropriate transformation ratio and the use of tap-changer to meet customer requirements for voltage quality.

6.To strengthen the operation and maintenance of distribution transformers, the current system of non-defective distribution equipment to take over the state maintenance methods, but the patrol inspection should be scientific, such as: can not overload long-term operation, moderate oil temperature indication Normal, noisy, etc., the provisions of this procedure has been quite detailed.

7.Distribution transformer use there are such as: safety, civilized production, useful life, investment returns, the choice of installation location and many other issues, not discussed here.