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Development Of Energy-saving, Low Noise, Intelligent
- Sep 01, 2017 -

China's transformer industry glorious days like yesterday also vividly, blink of an eye on the feeling of winter is difficult, last year just fried hot "area all the way" strategy, to resolve and release the domestic excess capacity will play a vital positive role The In the transformer industry, the rapid development of the surface behind the bright, the transformer industry there are still all kinds of troubles and worries.

With the continuous development of the economy, China's rapid growth in electricity demand, and power grid construction and investment at the same time driving the power transmission equipment market demand, to bring opportunities and challenges related enterprises. Distribution transformer is the core equipment in the construction of power grids. In the new industry demand, the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent distribution transformer products become the trend, amorphous alloy transformers and thus have come into play.

Amorphous alloy transformer has been coveted the traditional Chinese silicon steel transformer market, always want to share a slice of foreign production of amorphous alloy strip of the enterprise also painstakingly done a lot of work, on the one hand so that China introduced the amorphous strip and Amorphous alloy transformer production technology, on the other hand also actively participate in the application of China's amorphous alloy transformer market promotion work, they side in the network, journals, professional books published a large number of amorphous alloy materials and amorphous alloy transformer Technical articles, focusing on the amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving effect, the use of various opportunities to contact the transformer industry, the authority of technical personnel, lobbying the relevant departments of China's national grid, amorphous alloy transformer products play a positive role in promoting the application, let alone China's introduction of amorphous strip production enterprises in the fueled.

As an energy-saving products, the national energy-saving policy is an important driving force for the development of amorphous alloy distribution transformers. The State Grid has issued a notice that the provisions of the new inspection in the inspection of the transformer in the amorphous transformer in the proportion of more than 60%. Under this guidance, the national grid around the branch of a positive response, such as the Hebei power grid in 2015 the first batch of network equipment agreement inventory tender and rural network project distribution network equipment 10kV transformer 11274 units, non-gold alloy transformer 6969 units, Accounting for more than 60%; Hubei power grid in 2015 the first batch of equipment 5547 Taiwan, amorphous alloy transformer accounted for close to 50%.

In the national energy-saving emission reduction environment, amorphous alloy transformer market prospects are unanimously optimistic. Amorphous alloy transformer can completely replace the new S9 series of distribution, such as 10kV level distribution transformer annual demand by 50 million kVA calculation, then, a year can save 10 billion kW ˙ above, it will be very impressive Of economic and environmental benefits. CMIC believes that the amorphous alloy transformer industry is currently the most important task is to solve the high price, high cost, in order to fully replace the S9 series distribution to prepare