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China's Dry Transformation Technology
- May 26, 2018 -

China's dry transformation technology has reached the world advanced level

Forward-looking industry research institute in 2013-2017 China's dry type transformer industry market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report, according to the dry transformer are four kinds of structure: the epoxy resin casting, stuffed pouring, around the package, immersion type. At present, widely used in Europe and the United States open ventilated dry type transformer class H is based on immersion type learned the winding and the structure characteristics and USES the Nomex paper developed a new type of class H after dry, because the price is high, in our country has not been popularized.

At present, the dry distribution transformer with the largest short-circuit test capacity in China is 2500kVA and 10/0.4kV. The dry power transformers with the largest capacity through short circuit test are 16000kVA and 35/10kv.

In 2012, China produced 186.0719 kva dry transformers, one of the largest dry transformers in the world. Dry - type transformer has been widely used in power stations, factories, hospitals and almost all electrical. With low noise (below 2500 kva substation transformer noise has been controlled within 50 db), the energy conservation (no-load loss reduce 25%) of the SC (B) 9 series of popularization and application, makes China's performance of the dry type transformer and its manufacturing technology has reached the world advanced level.

Although our country's development of dry type transformer, it is a long road but in policy and technology under the guidance and development of dry type transformer is bound to broaden the market, have a place in the international market gradually.