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Aluminum Features And Applications:
- Sep 28, 2017 -

                           Aluminum Features and Applications:

1. Advantages of enameled aluminum 1. Cost advantage As a result of the difference in copper and aluminum prices, the enameled aluminum wire has a great advantage over the cost of copper, and it is much lower than that of copper. The quality of light aluminum density is only copper 1/3, so the aluminum products than the enameled copper wire weight is much lower.

2. Product thermal performance is better than enameled copper wire The same paint structure of enameled aluminum products at the same temperature of life is enameled copper products more than 4 times.


3. Precautions for aluminum instead of copper wire (Note on aluminum wire replacement) (1) 1. Wire diameter change (due to difference in conductor resistivity) Aluminum wire diameter = Copper wire diameter 1.28 Design of trunking Change (wire diameter difference) In order to ensure the resistance of the original conductor, resulting in increased conductor diameter, but also to a certain extent, increased slot full rate.

(Note) (2) 1, the winding changes (tensile strength difference) to reduce the winding tension, the appropriate to reduce the winding speed 2, the connection of the way to replace the copper wire Change (copper and aluminum welding performance differences) brazing, crimping, welding and so on

Its longitudinal full length, cross-section uniform real refers to the pure aluminum or aluminum alloy made of raw materials made of metal wire material. Work along the heart pressure, and roll delivery. The cross-sectional shapes are round, oval, square, rectangular, equilateral triangles and regular polygons. There are pure aluminum and aluminum alloy.

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