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Advantages Of Oil Immersed Low Loss Power Transformers
- Sep 22, 2017 -

S9, S10, 35KV low loss power transformer instructions

S9, S10, 35KV-class low-loss power transformer is a three-phase oil-immersed R-type, ladder-type core distribution transformer core. Step-type three-column internal and external frame rolling structure, are in the outermost spot welding is not tied. Core materials used DQ133-30 (9 type), 30ZH120 (11 type), 23ZH90 (13 type) and other cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the actual production of the core material used in not less than the pattern requirements. The core for the seamless continuous rolling made of. R-type core film to ensure that the core section of the circular section, the ladder-type core for the multi-level wide roll made of. After the core coil is formed, the vacuum annealing is carried out to eliminate the stress and reduce the loss.

S9, S10, 35KV low-loss power transformer with fully sealed corrugated fuel tank structure, the transformer oil and the surrounding air does not touch, so the transformer oil will not absorb the outside water, which will not reduce the insulation strength; the other can not enter the fuel tank, so as to avoid The aging of insulating materials, improve the service life of the product, but also improve the social benefits.

Technical characteristics

Energy saving: 35KV level than GB / T6451 no-load loss reduced by an average of 30%, average load loss by 25%, operating costs fell by an average of 20%.

Long life: transformer fuel tank with a fully sealed structure, the tank and the box along the available bolts or welding death, transformer oil does not contact with the air to extend the service life.

High reliability: oil tank seal related parts to improve, increase the reliability, improve the level of technology to ensure the reliability of the seal.

Small area: S9-M, S11-M series transformer fuel tank with corrugated plate radiator, when the oil temperature changes when the corrugated plate thermal expansion and contraction can replace the role of oil conservator, corrugated plate fuel tank beautiful appearance, small footprint The