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Advantages Of Oil-immersed Low Loss Power Transformers
- Mar 13, 2018 -


S9, S10, 35KV grade low loss Power transformer description S9, S10, 35KV low loss power transformers are three-phase oil-immersed R-Type, ladder-type coil core distribution transformers. Ladder type three columns inside and outside the frame coil structure, all in the outermost spot welding does not lashing. Core Materials selected dq133-30 (Type 9), 30zh120 (Type 11), 23ZH90 (13), such as cold-rolled silicon Steel, the actual production of the use of iron core materials is not less than the requirements of the drawing. The core is made of seamless continuous roll. R-Type core plate width to ensure that the core section is round, the ladder-shaped core for the multistage sheet wide-coil system.

After forming the iron core coil, vacuum annealing is performed, eliminating the stress and reducing the loss. S9, S10, 35KV-grade low loss power transformers using fully sealed corrugated oil tank structure, transformer oil and ambient air is not contacted, so the transformer oil will not absorb the external moisture, thus will not reduce the insulation strength; In addition, oxygen can not enter the fuel tank, so as to avoid the aging of insulation materials, improve the life

It also improves social benefits.

Technical features

Energy-saving: The average loss of 35KV-rated gb/t6451 is reduced by 30%, the load loss average is 25%, and the operating cost decreases by 20%.

Long service life: Transformer oil tank with full seal structure, the tank and the box along with the available bolts or welding die, transformer oils do not contact with air to prolong the service life.

High operating reliability: oil tank seals related parts and components are improved to increase the reliability and improve the process level to ensure the reliability of the seal. Small footprint: S9-m, S11-M series transformer oil tank using corrugated plate radiator, when the oil temperature changes in the corrugated plate can replace the role of the reservoir, corrugated plate oil tank appearance, covers an area of small.