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Advantage Of Low-loss Power Transformer
- May 26, 2018 -

Technical characteristics of low-loss power transformer

1.Energy saving: 

35KV is 30% lower than GB/T6451 in average no-load loss, 25% lower in average load loss and 20% lower in average running cost.

2.Long service life: 

the transformer oil tank adopts full seal structure. The oil tank can be bolted or welded to death along the box.

3.High operating reliability: 

the parts related to the fuel tank seal are improved to increase the reliability and improve the process level to ensure the reliability of the seal.

4.Floor area:

Cover an area of an area small, the integrated M, S11 M series transformer with corrugated tank type radiator, when the oil temperature change corrugated plate heat bilges cold shrink can replace the role of oil storage tank, corrugated plate tank of beautiful shape, cover an area of an area small.