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With the application of potential energy - saving equipment
- Sep 01, 2017 -

With the rapid development of China's economy, the rapid expansion of infrastructure, power distribution transformers as an important equipment for power transmission and distribution system, its demand was larger and faster growth trend. China's rural power grid load was strong seasonal, distribution transformer light load or no-load running time is longer, the no-load loss becomes the main part of the power loss. Distribution transformer use large, wide range of applications, running a long time, so it has great potential for energy saving. With the special properties of the core material, amorphous alloy distribution transformer no-load loss than the traditional silicon steel core transformer no-load loss significantly reduced, only the new S9-type transformer about 1/4, is quite potential for application of energy saving equipment. As the current domestic amorphous alloy distribution transformer manufacturers of the production process is uneven, the product performance difference is large, and the lack of its energy-saving effect of a reasonable evaluation and publicity, the user basically wait and see attitude, therefore, in the choice of amorphous alloy transformer Iron core tape, the domestic iron core strip manufacturers are not dominant. In view of this situation, the factors influencing the no-load loss of the amorphous alloy transformer core are analyzed, and the no-load loss value of the iron core strip of the amorphous steel transformer core manufacturer of the domestic and international technology is analyzed analysis.

China from 1998 to mass production of amorphous alloy transformer, at least tens of thousands of amorphous alloy transformer hanging network operation. With the emphasis on energy-saving emission reduction and the state to encourage the use of amorphous alloy transformer specific preferential policies introduced in recent years, the use of amorphous alloy transformer has begun to show a rapid upward trend. As optimistic about the huge market of amorphous alloy distribution transformers, the State Grid directly under the comprehensive scientific research unit State Grid Science and Technology Institute by issuing the largest amorphous alloy distribution transformer manufacturers to become the largest shareholder of the letter. At the same time, but also with the world's second amorphous alloy material manufacturers Aetna technology co-funded the establishment of joint ventures. State Grid at the same time with the amorphous alloy distribution transformer upstream and downstream manufacturers to show that its efforts to accelerate the promotion of amorphous alloy transformer. As an ideal energy-saving equipment, amorphous alloy transformers in the country will have a broad application prospects.

Discussion on Energy - saving Application of Amorphous Alloy Transformer in Thermal Power Plant

In the "thermal power plant design technical specifications DL / T 5000-2000" in the 13.3.15: When the low-voltage standby power supply with a dedicated backup transformer, the capacity of 125MW and below the unit, the number of low-voltage industrial transformer in the eight Taiwan and above, can be added to the second low-voltage plant with spare transformers; capacity of 200MW units, each two units should be set up a low-voltage plant with spare transformers; capacity of 300MW and above units, each unit should be set Low - voltage plant spare transformers.

When the low-voltage transformer is set in pairs, each alternate load should be two transformer power supply, two alternate between the transformer should not be installed between the standby power supply device. Away from the main plant of the class Ⅱ load, should be used near the two transformers alternate way. The use of alternate low-voltage plant transformer should not be set up a dedicated spare transformer.