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Wide application of electromagnetic wire coating products
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Now the application of electromagnetic wire coating products with the quickening pace of our modern industrial construction and the rapid growth of the export products, greatly increasing the dosage of electromagnetic wire, enameled wire and electromagnetic wire is mainly used the insulation electrostatic powder coating, the current primary application in instead of the metal processing of sulfuric acid aluminum wire insulating oxide film electromagnetic online, also can be used in insulating varnish coating enameled wire.


Because the general coating thickness of powder coatings applied to metal wire round wire above 1.6 mm in diameter or width x thickness of 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm above the flat wire, coating thickness in more than 40 microns insulation coating, so thin coating film on demand is not applicable.

If the application of ultra-thin powder coating can achieve the thickness of 20 ~ 40 mm, but because of the coating processing cost and the difficulty of coating, it is not enough to promote the application.

When the film thickness is too thick, the film's flexibility and other functions are reduced, and it is not suitable for products with excessive bending Angle of the wire.

Due to the limitation of film thickness, too fine wire is not suitable for powder coating technology.