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What is the enameled wire level?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The term refers to the use of hanyu pinyin (or Latin) English letters and one or several Numbers to represent products of different shapes, categories of profiles and cemented carbide.

Extension of knowledge:

Presentation method of enamelled wire level:

1. Symbol + code:

(1) series code: paint wrapping composition: Q paper winding wire: Z

(2) conductor material: copper conductor: T (omitted) aluminum conductor: L

(3) insulation materials: Y, A polyamide (pure nylon)

(4) properties of conductor: flat line: B round line: Y (omitted) hollow line: K

(5) film thickness: circular line: thin film -1 thick film -2 thick film -3 thin film: general film -1 thick film -2

(6) heat level is expressed as /XXX.

2. Level of enameled wire: enameled wire product model is named by the combination of Chinese phonetic alphabet and Arabic numerals.

Its composition consists of the following parts.

Put the above several parts together in order, it is enamelled wire product model.