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What is magnet wire?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

What is magnet wire?

A magnet wire is an insulated wire used to make coils or windings in electrical products.Also called winding wire.The electromagnetic wire must meet the requirements of various applications and manufacturing processes.The former includes its shape, specification, ability to work under high temperature for a short time and a long time, strong vibration in some occasions and centrifugal force at high speed, resistance to corona and breakdown under high voltage, chemical resistance under special atmosphere, etc.The latter includes the requirement of being subjected to stretch, bend and wear when wound and inserted, swelling and erosion in the process of dip and drying.


Electromagnetic wire can be classified according to its basic composition, electrical conductor and electrical insulation layer.Usually according to the insulation materials used in the electrical insulation layer and manufacturing methods are divided into enamelled wire, wrapping wire, enamelled wire and inorganic insulation wire.