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What is an amorphous alloy
- Nov 10, 2017 -

We start with amorphous materials, in which people are exposed to two kinds of materials: one is crystalline material, the other is amorphous material.The so-called crystalline material refers to the arrangement of atoms within the material following certain rules.On the other hand, the internal atoms are arranged in a state of no rule, and the amorphous material, the ordinary metal, is arranged in an orderly manner, which belongs to the crystalline material.The scientists found that after the metal was melted, the inner atoms were active.Once the metal starts to cool, the atoms will gradually be arranged in an orderly manner according to a certain crystal pattern.If the cooling process is quick, the atoms will be solidified before they can be rearranged, resulting in amorphous alloys. The process of preparing amorphous alloys is a rapid solidification process.The molten hot molten steel is sprayed onto the rotating cooling roll.Molten steel at millions of degrees per second cooling rapidly, with only one over one thousand of a second time will fall below 200 ℃ 1300 ℃ of molten steel, forming of amorphous strip.

The amorphous alloy has changed significantly in terms of physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties.As an example, the non-crystalline alloy with iron elements is characterized by high saturation magnetic induction and low loss.Because of such properties, amorphous alloy materials have wide application space in many fields such as electronics, aviation, aerospace, machinery and microelectronics.For example, for aerospace, it can reduce power, equipment weight and increase payloads.Used for civil power and electronic equipment, it can greatly reduce power supply volume, improve efficiency and enhance anti-interference ability.Micro core can be widely used in the transformer in ISDN of integrated service digital network.Amorphous strips are used to make sensor tags for the supermarket and library anti-theft systems.Amorphous alloy magic effect, has broad market prospect.