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What do you think about the silk covered wire
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Today about the use of glass silk covered wire is very, very much, and whether in use to electric or use is a bit more security and elsewhere to our most popular favorite.

1. The problem of the glue content of the glass-covered wire:

Glue content: the proportion of glass wire coating is the proportion of whole insulation layer, the requirement is in 17%-25 %, the vitreous coating on the market at present can satisfy this requirement.

2. Hot weightlessness of glass wire wrap:

Heat: the whole glass silk covered wire insulation at 180 ℃ x 4 h after losing weight, mainly silk covered wire paint glass thermal weightlessness, related to paint heat resistance level.

Currently on the market of glass silk covered wire thermal weightlessness in 8-10% this paint has strong adhesion, film has good elasticity, made of glass silk covered wire plump golden appearance, high pressure, high heat resistance, solvent resistance, 180 ℃ heat is less than 6%.

High solid content, which is good for energy conservation and environmental protection. It belongs to environmentally friendly glass silk covered and impregnated paint.

In addition, the heat-resistant grade of this paint is above H, and the thermal weightlessness of the glass covered wire is generally 2-5% to solve this problem.