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What are the contents of the inspection?
- Jan 11, 2018 -

General enameled wire needs to be tested for a few points:


Tight sex: when rapid stretch, paint film has crack.


Pinhole: a small hole in the paint film with a certain length of test material.


Wear-resisting (loss) : wear the paint film with the abrasion test machine to grind to see the number of conductors or abrasion damage value.


Flexible (bending) : when winding or elongating, if the paint film is cracked or whether it produces pinholes.


Thermal shock: when stretching or winding, heating under specified conditions, whether the film is cracked or not.


Direct welding: temperature, solder and soldering tin shall be uniformly adhered to.


Insulation failure voltage: the two enameled wires are twisted together, and the voltage is applied to the conductor to break the voltage of the paint film.


Resistance to aging: when heated under specified conditions, it is indicated that the paint film produces pinhole or insulation failure voltage value.


Resistance to softness: heat the crossed enameled wires under specified conditions. After the power is energized, there is no short circuit or short circuit temperature.

Or twisted two enameled wires under specified conditions to heat, whether the paint film is abnormal.


Conductor resistance: the conductor resistance test instrument, and the numeric representation of 20  C.


Solvent resistance or drug resistance: when impregnated with solvents or drugs, the paint film status is indicated by the nail or pencil method.


Oil resistance: immersion in insulating oil under specified conditions, the condition of paint film is indicated by fingernail or pencil method.