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varnished wire Multiple threads
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Because the production machine of enameled wire is single head and single head, there is no multi-line head.

In fact, most of the "multi-line heads" come from users - electronics factories.

In the process, every few minutes to stop the machine to replace the transformer skeleton.

When the machine is down, the tension control is not in place. As a result of inertia, the upper coil falls down, and the bottom line is pressed down. When it is turned on, the thread is pressed down and it leads to pull.

The initial chaos was formed.

After the broken line cannot be used normally, must remove the spool from the winding machine.

Of course you can continue to use it.

But, in the process of dealing with chaos, accidentally break a thread, become three heads, break two lines, become five heads...

In this way, the axis cannot be processed, and the process is returned to the warehouse, and the warehouse is returned to the production plant in the name of multi-line head.

This is the process of "multi-thread" generation and return.

In fact, the multi-line head is easy to deal with: use a sharp blade to pick off a number of loops, grab the broken line and pull up.

Until a head appears.


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