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Uses of paper covered envelope wire
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Don't know how to use the paper covered envelope wire? Today the editor is to simply say about the standard paper covered envelope wire for you.

First of all, the paper covered envelope wire is an oxygen-free copper rod or an electrician round aluminum rod, which is extruded or pulled by a certain mould,and which is wrapped by a specific insulating material.

The composite conductor is arranged by a number of wires or copper and aluminum wires, which are arranged by a specific insulating material.It is mainly used in winding of oil-immersed transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment.

Product category:

Paper copper flat wire, paper (aluminum) copper (aluminum) round wire, half hard copper flat wire, special paper insulation conductor winding and copper (aluminum), copper (aluminum) combination of conductor wire, half hard copper conductor composite wire, hot glue combination of acetal enamelled wire, special insulating materials

Wrap copper (aluminum) composite conductor.