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Transformer maintenance experience
- Nov 11, 2017 -

1.To strengthen routine inspection, maintenance and regular testing

In accordance with the scope of division of labor of the management personnel in Taiwan Region, in addition to carrying out regular inspections of transformers, I also require managers to strengthen their daily inspections and assign people to be responsible. Key examinations include:

(1) Look at the appearance. Mainly to check whether there is oil leakage outside the transformer, whether there is smoke or discharge of parts. Because the transformer shell welding is not tight or the pad is not real may lead to transformer oil leakage, if the oil is too low, will lose the insulation protection, leading to conductive parts or between the conductive part and the shell discharge, serious will burn the transformer. Therefore, promptly eliminate the fault and make-up oil, to ensure that the oil level remains at 1 / 4-3 / 4. For loose parts, poor contact or even the phenomenon of discharge should be promptly disconnected transformer drop insurance to eliminate hidden dangers.

(2) Listen to the sound. Normal operation of the transformer will emit a uniform and subtle buzzing sound, when the transformer different nature of the fault, the sound will change. At this time should take measures according to the situation, find the cause of the malfunction.

(3) The oil on the distribution transformer and the high and low voltage casing on the dust inspection, timely clean and erase oil and dust to prevent wet weather or overcast flash pollution, resulting in short-circuit casing, high-voltage fuse fuse, with Variable can not be normal operation. I asked the inspectors to clean at least every two months.

(4) Observe the oil color, check the oil temperature regularly, especially the load change is big, the temperature difference is big, the weather is bad, increase the number of inspections, and the top oil temperature in the oil-immersed distribution transformer shall not exceed 95 ℃, In order to prevent the deterioration of windings and oil over speed, the top oil temperature should not exceed 45 ℃ often.

(5) Shake test with variable insulation resistance, check the leads are solid, with particular attention to the connection of the low-voltage outlet connection is good, the temperature is abnormal.

(6) Strengthen the measurement of electricity load, in the peak of electricity, strengthen the load measurement for each transformer, if necessary, increase the number of measurements, three-phase current imbalance in distribution transformers timely adjustment to prevent the neutral The current is too high to break the lead, resulting in damage to the user equipment, with variable damage. Connection group Yyn0 distribution, three-phase load should be balanced, not only with one or two phase power supply, neutral current should not exceed 25% of the low-voltage side of the rated current, and strive to make the distribution does not overload, not partial load run.

(7) Regular inspection replacement a second fuse, aluminum wire is strictly prohibited to replace the fuse. As we all know, once the fuse play a protective role on the system, the secondary fuse to protect the transformer, the fuse selection must be compatible with the transformer capacity.

2.To prevent external damage:

(1) Reasonably choose the installation place of distribution transformer. Install the installation site as close as possible to the load center, and control the power supply radius within 0.5km. At the same time, we should try our best to avoid installing it in the area liable to be struck by lightning or low-lying water. Because it is located in the county seat, intersection there are many transformers, in order to reduce the car hit the tower accident, all along the roadside tower paste paste bar identification.

(2) Try to avoid installing low-voltage metering box on the distribution transformer, due to long-running, metering box glass damage or distribution of low-pressure damage to the pile head can not be replaced in time, resulting in due to rain and other causes burning energy meter damage caused by distribution . More than 95% of the public distribution of all our installation of JP cabinet, the transformer safe operation played a good protective effect.

(3) Does not allow unauthorized adjustment of tap-changer to prevent the tap changer is not in place, resulting in phase short circuit burned distribution transformer.

(4) Install insulated covers at the distribution transformer high and low voltage to prevent natural disasters and foreign objects from damaging. Install high and low voltage insulation covers in narrow roads and animals with frequent access roads to prevent the distribution transformer from dropping on the pile Short circuit and burn low voltage distribution transformer.

(5) Regular inspections of lines, felling line access to prevent the branches hit the wire caused by low voltage short circuit burned distribution transformer accident.