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Transformer enameled flat copper wire
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The following transformer enameled flat copper wire is provided by Henan YuBian Electric CO.,LTD. If you have the intention to the transformer enameled flat copper wire or want to know more information about the transformer enameled flat copper wire such as price, model and picture, please contact us for enquiry and negotiation!

I. overview:

Enameled flat copper wire for transformer 1.8x5.1 mm2.6*3.8mm1*6mm enameled flat copper wire for transformer 180-class 200 class

Ii. Detailed explanation:

Enameled flat copper wire transformer enameled flat copper wire 180-class 200 class 220 enameled flat copper wire

Henan YuBian Electric CO., LTD specializing in the production of polyester, adhcsive enameled wire, straight welding enameled wire, enameled wire enameled wire, polyester, polyurethane modified polyester imide polyimide enameled wire, enameled wire, enameled wire, polyamide imide sbuew adhcsive enameled wire, uew pu enameled wire, the pew polyester, ei/aiw high-temperature enameled wire, eiw polyester imide enamelled wire, nylon polyester composite uewn enameled wire, pewn nylon polyurethane composite enameled wire, seiw straight weld modified polyester imide enameled wire, etc.

Enameled wire according to the grades of insulating material heat-resisting temperature: Y (90 ℃), A (105 ℃), E (120 ℃), B (130 ℃), F (155 ℃), H (180 ℃), V (above 180 ℃), the main varieties are E, B, F enameled wire acetal, polyurethane and polyester three categories, H, V enameled wire main varieties of polyester imide, polyamide imide, such as polyester - amide imide.

According to the purpose of enameled wire

1.2.1 general purpose enameled wire (general wire) : it is mainly used for winding wire of general motors, electric appliances, instruments, transformers and other working occasions, such as polyester enameled wire, modified polyester enameled wire.

1.Heat resistant enameled wire 2.2: mainly used for temperature above 180 ℃ and work environment of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, transformer winding line of the workplace, such as polyester imide polyimide enameled wire enameled wire, enameled wire, polyester, polyester/polyamide imide imines composite enameled wire.

1.2.3 special purpose enameled wire: it refers to the winding wire with certain quality characteristics required for specific occasions, such as polyurethane enameled wire (direct welding) and self-adhesive enameled wire.

1.According to the conductor material: copper, aluminum, alloy wire.

1.According to the material shape: round, flat, hollow lines.

1.Divide by insulation thickness

1.5.1 round wire: thin film -1, thick film -2, thick film -3 (national standard).

1.5.2 flat wire: general paint film -1, thickened paint film -2.

Surface of enameled wire :(appearance) should be smooth and clean, uniform in color, free of particles, oxidation, hair, Yin and Yang surface, black spot, paint removal and other defects affecting performance.

There are many factors affecting the surface, which are related to raw materials, equipment, process and environment.