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The production of enameled wire is a discipline
- Jan 30, 2018 -

In the enameled wire production process, wire coating liquid after coating, baked into a solid film, in theory have been polymer from solution state into a polymer ontology, this is a complex physical and chemical process.

It involves some basic concepts, especially the high polymer solution and the phenomenon of surface tension.

The evaporation of solvent and chemical reaction of high polymer are closely related to the production process of enameled wire.

Enameled wire production process is the process of coating enameled wire on metal wires to form a uniform paint film.

Why can the paint be coated on the wire to form a uniform smooth paint film?

This problem relates to liquid surface tension, wetting Angle, isocharacteristic parameters and the evaporative properties of solvents.

The surface tension is characterized by the reduction of surface area to the minimum.

Because the surface area of the ball is the smallest in the geometrical shape of the same volume, if the liquid is not affected by any other force, it will become a ring under the action of surface tension.

The viscosity, solid content, surface tension and contact Angle are internal factors, temperature, speed and other factors in the process of enameled wire production.