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The process and hazard of ferromagnetic resonance
- Nov 29, 2017 -

In a resonant circuit of the power system, the inductive and capacitive elements generate overvoltage and overcurrent, and the electric field energy (capacitance) of the current is maximized with the field energy exchange.

In high voltage circuit, the circuit and other electrical equipment of existing distributed capacitance, coupled with the existence of nonlinear ferromagnetic elements such as inductance voltage transformer, the necessary condition to have a resonance, once the system voltage disturbance occurs, it may arouse resonance, because of the ferromagnetic components of nonlinear (e.g., iron core saturation inductance will smaller), the resonance will further increase, when appear wL = 1 / wC, this resonance known as ferroresonance.

Ferroresonance overvoltage of to produce high voltage may be the rated voltage of the several times or more, the porcelain insulation discharge, insulator, casing and other iron in corona, a voltage transformer fuse fusing, serious when will damage the equipment.