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The new production mode of copper clad aluminum wire opens a new development path for cable industry.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Copper clad aluminum wire as a heavy material industry, raw material costs have been high in recent years, coupled with the fierce competition in the industry market, resulting in a serious backlog of copper clad aluminum wire production enterprises profit.

At present, the domestic brand "walk" means are taken to solve this problem, such as: the first way is by increasing technical force, process and technology improvements, reduce the cost of the use of raw materials such as the production of copper clad aluminum wire;

The second way is to take the road of differentiated competition, such as the fierce competition in the low-end market. Some enterprises are developing and producing special cable to enter the high-end market.

The third way is to diversify investment, to drive the sideline with the main industry, to promote the main industry by sideline;

The fourth way is to change from management and profit model, such as reducing management cost and promoting e-commerce strategy.

The fifth way is to "take the edge of the sword" and "take a different approach", and make profits by cutting corners and making fake and inferior goods.

Here we mainly talk about how to control the cost scientifically and effectively through the new process and new technology, so as to improve the profit margin of the enterprise.

Obviously, is emphasized through scientific and effective way to control costs, because obviously cut corners, fake and inferior practice is not desirable, this is a fight the cat throw the practice of cattle, has brought the serious security hidden danger.

So what are the cost-saving ways in the current market?

It is obvious that the industry has been advocating "aluminum copper", "aluminum copper", and even aluminum alloy cable has been widely used in China.

It can be seen that the purchasing users also expressed support for the control of the high copper material cost through new technology and new technology.

Of course, there is a premise that, after the raw material cost is controlled, the price of cable products must be reduced;

Secondly, the improved cable products must have safety guarantee and must be stable.

Otherwise, it would be absolutely useless for the buyer.

The use of copper clad aluminum wire has been gradually popularized, and the development prospect is good.

Europe and the United States of America, Britain and other countries began in the early 1960 s research and application of copper clad aluminum materials, Japan and other countries have been developing materials and entered the practical stage, make copper clad aluminum after the third after the copper, aluminum conductor.

Due to the aluminum surface oxidation, extremely easy to produce oxide film and very difficult to remove the contact resistance and can solder welding, seriously affected the generation of the penetration of copper, aluminum and the successful development of the copper clad aluminum pioneered the transfer of aluminum and copper.

However, in the early days of development, copper clad aluminum was used only in the wiring of construction wires and the high frequency cable and shielding line of radio and television communications.

In large capacity special conductors such as copper clad aluminum flat wire, copper clad aluminum bus, paper wrapped flat wire will also be used.

As a result of the copper clad aluminum conductor material production industrialization, the current domestic already can satisfy gradually achieve high-volume production capacity, combined with the copper clad aluminum has light weight, relatively low cost, the advantages of stable prices, copper overcomes the disadvantages such as high cost and price volatility, the scope of its application is more and more widely, has gradually been a large number of the enameled wire used in motor, transformer, bus bar, wire and cable, and is popular among the masses of users and manufacturers.

Industry insiders say that copper clad aluminum wire is a good way to relieve pressure.

Another key is, outside the bread a layer of copper aluminum wire by drawing into the double wire, because with a small specific gravity, as well as good transmission performance, particularly applicable to do the inner conductor of the coaxial cable of the radio frequency, compared with pure copper wire, its density is 40% pure copper, and transfer characteristic is better than that of pure copper wire, is the ideal of the coaxial cable of the radio frequency branch line inner conductor, assuming that China's wire and cable industry achieved with aluminum and copper, copper can save a lot of limited resources.

At present, the application of copper clad aluminum wire is very wide, especially in the field of audio, high frequency, video, and some engineering mechanical wires and cables.

Combined with the current situation, copper clad aluminum flat wire or bus can be used in power and electrical industry, such as bus bar;

It can be used as audio, high frequency, video, such as CATV wire and shield wire;

Can be used as various motors, rectifier winding wires, transformer winding wires;

Can be used as engineering wire and cable conductor;

It can be used as a conductor for power cables and so on.

Thus, through new technology and new process methods such as main materials for cable production strict control, not only good for cable manufacturers, cable purchase side, for the good of the healthy development of the whole cable industry also.

But still want to focus on quality and performance of copper clad aluminum wire, if can meet the demands of these two points, and then the cable production enterprise nature can get rich returns, and cable purchaser also save the purchasing cost, for the cable industry is more opened a new road of development.