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The new generation of electromagnetic wire copper clad aluminum wire basic common sense
- Jan 22, 2018 -

As a new generation of electromagnetic wire, the copper clad aluminum wire is a bimetallic composite conductor coated with copper layer on the aluminum core.

Reasonable utilization of the properties of different metals, so as to reduce the production cost convenient project construction and other characteristics.

Copper clad aluminum wire is widely used in cable TV industry, and it has become the standard material of coaxial cable.

Because the high frequency signal transmission is completely running on the conductor's outer layer, the copper clad aluminum wire can replace the copper wire of the same specification.

In low frequency applications, Ann load capacity is the same specification of copper clad aluminum wire of 65%, due to its light weight, when need big line size is more flexible than copper, copper clad aluminum used in the battery cable, welding cable, cable and building wire is also choose wire.

Compared with pure copper wire, copper clad aluminum wire has the advantages of good conductivity and light weight, which has obvious economic benefits, and is flexible and easy to operate in construction.

The length ratio of the same line under weight is 2.45:1. Therefore, the purchase of 1 ton of copper clad aluminum wire is equivalent to the purchase of 2.45 tons of pure copper wire, which has the huge advantage of saving cost.

Compared with pure aluminium wire copper clad aluminum wire conductivity is higher, but also enhanced the tensile strength and elongation, good weldability, copper clad aluminum wire due to its surface coated with a layer of concentric pure copper, so it is the same as pure copper wire the weldability of make mechanical and suitability of the product get improved.