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The method and measure of relay protection fault
- Nov 30, 2017 -

1. Common methods for the protection of relay protection

Substitution method: to use the intact element to replace the faulty component, to judge its good and bad, it can quickly narrow down the search scope of the fault;Reference method: to find fault points of abnormal equipment by comparing the relative technical parameters of normal equipment and abnormal equipment.This method is mainly used to check the error of the connection error and the value of the test during calibration.When the secondary wiring fails to recover properly after modification and equipment replacement, it can refer to the wiring of similar equipment.And relay setting check, if find a relay test values and setting value is far off, at this point, can not easily judge, judge the relay characteristics is bad, should adjust the scale value on the relay, only can be used with the meter to measure other similar relay compares the same circuits;The short circuit is used to determine whether the fault exists in a short circuit or elsewhere, so as to determine the fault range.

This method is mainly used in the electromagnetic lock failure, current circuit opening, switching relay not operation, judgment control, etc.

2. Measures to ensure the normal operation of power system relay protection

Reasonable personnel allocation, personnel scheduling and assistance can be carried out smoothly, define the target of personnel, ensure the normal operation of power;Perfect rules and regulations, according to the characteristics of the relay protection, improve and perfect protection operation management rules and regulations, relay protection equipment parameter, operation maintenance, accident analysis, calibration and defects, the file should be gradually adopts computer management and tracking examination and strict appraisal, rewards and punishments;The method of state monitoring for secondary equipment is easy to realize relay protection status monitoring for integrated automation substation.