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The ideal light [copper clad aluminum wire] populates the land of shenzhou
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Characteristics of copper clad aluminum wire:

1, the density of copper clad aluminum wire is the same wire diameter of one over two point five of the pure copper wire, to reduce the weight of the coil, to reduce the weight of the copper clad aluminum enameled wire, using good quality copper clad aluminum wire to replace copper, the cost savings, and save resources;

[copper clad aluminum wire]

2, copper clad aluminum wire of the same mind surface covered with a layer of pure copper, so copper clad aluminum wire soldering effect is better, at the same time, copper clad aluminum wire has a thick layer of copper, make sure it won't affect product soldering performance in scraper painting;

3. The dc resistivity of copper clad aluminum wire is about 1.45 times that of pure copper wire;

At the same time, the copper clad aluminum wire is about half the weight of the pure copper wire.

4. The performance of the enameled copper round wire is fully achieved, with high superconductivity and good frequency conversion.

"Copper clad aluminum wire" is mainly used in all kinds of coils, such as advanced audio, TV deflection and magnetic coil.

Apply to various electronic industrial equipment, such as microwave oven, electronic toys, etc.

Used in microelectronic devices such as micro motors, artificial heart pacemakers, etc.