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The execution standard and quality requirement of paper package line.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Standard: GB/ t7673-2008 copper flat wire.

2, quality: tape should be closely around the conductor, uniform, smooth, there should be no lack of layer, there should be no wrinkling, cracking, paper tape overlap seam shall not be dew, paper tape and insulating joint repair allows insulation is bulky, but not greater than 500 mm in length.

(if there is a lack of layers and cracks in the production process, the insulation performance of the paper envelope will be affected, resulting in insufficient local pressure and discharge, which will cause the transformer to breakdown and explode.

However, if the insulation thickness is too thick, the overall size of the transformer is larger, and the overall coil size of the transformer is larger, and the transformer housing is difficult to assemble.