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The Application of Aluminum Enameled Wire in Industry
- Oct 14, 2017 -

Before the aluminum enameled wire in some parts of China began processing and sales, but the number and scope of application are not large. However, in recent years, aluminum enameled wire production and sales has entered a high-speed growth period, in different industries have been high-speed development, it can be said that as long as the copper enameled wire can be applied to the field, aluminum enameled wire can also change the design, Or close to the use of copper enameled wire requirements, the following brief introduction of aluminum enameled wire applications of the product areas.


Microwave ovens in the transformer, reactor: South Korea's largest use of large microwave ovens, after the expansion of the Chinese mainland to the Korean, domestic microwave oven transformer enterprises, with the use of aluminum enameled wire in the industry continues to mature, microwave products within the transformer and reactor basically All aluminum enameled wire has been used.


CRT degaussing coil: the first Japanese companies in Southeast Asia, the first to use the factory, followed by the major domestic CRT manufacturers to actively follow up, although the demagnetization coil replacement is not microwave oven early, but early 2006 has begun to sample certification, small batch production , And now basically complete the replacement