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Talk about the transformer in the booster station
- Nov 17, 2017 -

The grounding transformer is referred to as the grounding transformer, which is characterized by the normal operation of the grid and the overload in short circuit.According to the different filling medium, the common forms can be divided into two types: oil type and dry type.According to the phase number, can be divided into three phases and single-phase ground changes.The ground change is artificial to make a neutral point, which is used to connect the grounding resistance.When the grounding fault occurs in the system, the positive sequence negative sequence current is high impedance, and the zero sequence current is low impedance to make the ground protection reliable operation.The correct and reasonable selection of earthing transformer is of great significance for the short circuit of arc extinguishing and the elimination of electromagnetic resonance overvoltage to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.


Earthing transformer selection should consider the following technical conditions comprehensive: type, capacity, voltage, frequency, current, insulation level, coefficient of temperature rise and the overload capacity, the use of environmental conditions should focus on equipment use of environmental temperature, altitude, temperature, pollution level, such as earthquake intensity, wind speed, humidity conditions.