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State grid is actively advocating power substitution.
- Jan 11, 2018 -

"The increasingly severe haze has forced China's energy consumption structure to be adjusted."

, deputy general manager of state grid corporation Yang Qing on November 8th at "2013 China green electricity peak BBS", according to the national grid company is to promote "energy substitution" technology, advocating "power generation coal and electricity generation of oil and electricity from afar" the energy consumption of new ideas, actively promote the development of electric vehicles and rail transportation, improve the level of social electrification, strive to accumulative total power instead of 100 billion to 2015 KWH.

-- power transformers.

Energy consumption structure adjustment -- (transformer)

Some cities in China have more than 100 days of smog, with individual cities exceeding 200 days, according to a report from the ministry of environmental protection.

In the analysis of the causes of smog, experts at the "2013 China green power peak BBS" believe that this is a concentrated outbreak of the long-term accumulation of structural contradictions in the consumption of terminal energy consumption.

The national development and reform commission energy research institute, energy economy and strategic development research center, deputy director of the Jiang Xinmin points out, from the point of international comparison, China's current energy consumption in the coal terminal is still occupies large proportion, it directly led to the increasingly serious environmental pollution in our country.

"Data show that the proportion of coal burning is 50% to 60% in China's urban pm2.5 composition.

And motor vehicle fuel emissions, about 20 percent."

, deputy director of the national grid marketing o xu yuan said in a keynote speech, as to speed up the process of our urbanization and industrialization, the demand for energy will continue to increase, so we must reduce the terminal consumption in the proportion of coal, oil, to raise the proportion of electricity consumption.

-- the supply of transformers should be increased.

According to introducing, caused by fossil fuels such as coal and oil consumption of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of the environment by the world more and more attention, in recent years, the proportion of fossil energy in the global terminal energy consumption structure continues to decline, improve the proportion of electricity.

"But in China, the proportion of coal consumption in the terminal energy consumption has been high, and the reverse distribution of energy resources and productivity will coexist for a long time.

Our energy consumption model is to transport western coal long distances to the central load center, part of which is used for thermal power generation, and some of it is directly burned in cities for heating and industrial production.

O xu yuan said, "this is not only increase the railway and highway transportation pressure, make the obvious contradiction between coal transport, increase social energy costs, and because the dispersive combustion, high management cost, large amounts of greenhouse gases and pollutants emission in east-central densely populated areas, deteriorated the local environment."

It is understood that China is deepening industrialization and urbanization, and energy demand will remain rigid and energy consumption will continue to increase for a long time to come.

At the same time, China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is much higher than that of developed countries.

The Chinese government has made a commitment to the international community to increase the proportion of non-fossil fuels to 15 percent by 2020, and to reduce energy consumption per unit G D by 40 to 45 percent.

The task of reducing emissions is daunting.

Xu yuan said, "the future China will enter a mandatory cuts development stage, considering environment capacity and rigid demand growth, traditional way of energy configuration and on-site balance of consumption mode must be changed."

The state grid corporation has fully activated electric power substitution -- oil-immersed power transformer.

How to change the energy allocation mode and the local balance consumption pattern?

State grid's answer is "electric power substitution".

"China's electricity consumption is one percentage point higher than that of the end energy consumption, and the energy consumption per unit G D can be reduced by 4 percent," he said.

Yang Qing state grid corporation deputy general manager in the BBS said "the state grid company actively advocating 'power generation coal and electricity generation oil, electricity from afar' energy consumption of the new concept, by promoting energy alternative technology, actively promote the development of electric vehicles and rail transportation, improve the level of social electrification, guide society actively select electricity, elimination of high pollution and low efficiency can way."

It is understood that in the middle of August this year a quietly issued by the state grid electric energy alternative implementation plan "clearly put forward that replace work in full swing power companies operating area, strive to accumulative total power instead of 100 billion to 2015 KWH.

Xu yuan explains, "electric energy substitution" scheme of state grid is summarized in three words: one is "to the coal electricity generation", mainly the industrial boiler, the residents heating hutch cook coal to electricity, reducing central region straight coal and pollution emissions;

The second is "electricity generation oil", mainly to develop electric vehicles, rural electric power irrigation, reduce oil dependence;

Three is "electricity from afar", is to the north and west of the thermal power, wind power, solar power and southwest water and electricity, the large-scale, high efficiency over a long distance to the central, increase the proportion of electricity in terminal energy consumption, promote energy structure optimization, improve the ecological environment.

-- national grid transformer supplier.

"Human history development process is energy alternative process, from coal instead of wood burning, to oil, natural gas instead of coal, is now gradually into the use of new energy and renewable energy to replace a new stage of traditional fossil energy."

Xu yuan said, "from the power of the development trend, realistic requirements, technical condition analysis, energy substitution is the important tendency of terminal energy alternative, electrification improvement and energy replacement as the main direction of terminal energy alternative conforms to the basic national conditions of our country."

First of all, the implementation of electric energy replacement is an important measure to guarantee the national energy security, and it is an inevitable choice to guarantee the reliable supply of energy security in China.

Second, the implementation of electric power replacement is an effective measure to control urban smog.

As a secondary energy, electrical energy in terminal application link does not produce pollution, although coal-fired power still need to burn coal in the production process, the discharge of pollutants, but through various technical measures focus on large-scale processing, pollutant emissions intensity and governance costs are much lower than traditional combustion mode.

Thirdly, the comparative advantage of electric energy is the foundation to support electric energy substitution.

As energy prices gradually tend to be more reasonable than relationship, oil, natural gas prices will continue to rise, electricity in terminal energy consumption will further enhance the competitiveness of the market, will lead to electrical energy alternative projects with more significant economic benefits.

Build a safe and efficient clean modern energy system - dry type transformer.

In an interview, the economic information daily learned that state grid's power replacement work will be promoted mainly in three areas.

The first is to carry out large-scale heat pump, electric heating, electric boiler, double storage and other electric coal (gas) projects in key areas such as urban central heating and industrial and commercial activities.

Second, we will actively promote and serve electric vehicles and rail transit in the transportation sector.

We will closely follow the trend of electric vehicle industry and market development, and accelerate the construction and operation of electric charging facilities.

Third, we actively promote "household electrification" in the area of residential life.

"As a basic carrier of power transmission, resource allocation, market trading and customer service, the power grid plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring energy security, efficiency and clean development."

Yang Qing said, "to the national power grid power generation coal and oil for electricity generation, electricity from afar" of electrical energy substitution strategy, to build in a safe, efficient and clean development as the goal of modern energy security system, promote the construction of ecological civilization is of great significance.